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The PEPE© Model

A Neuroscience-based solution to facilitate adaptation, engagement and wellbeing during times of change and transformation

FACILITATING CHANGE at individual & organisational level
PEPE© neuroscience model involves four domains that drive resistance to change and it does provide us with 8 dimensions at where we can make an intervention to facilitate adaptation to change, engagement and wellbeing.

PEPE© is the world’s first neuroscience-based solution to equip leaders and individuals with the right tools, information and structure to thrive during times of change. Applying neuroscience to change facilitates positive adaptation, engagement and wellbeing during times of transformation. It is all about “hacking our brain” to operate in a much more brain friendly way when facing challenging situatons. PEPE© provides practical strategies to move faster from the shock and resistance phase of change to the acceptance and engagement to avoid change fatigue and to increase the level of wellbeing within stakeholders.

PEPE© model applies neuroscience research to change management, leadership and coaching as it is all about equipping individuals and leaders with a structure to embrace and thrive under constant change and challenging situations.

4 domains that drives resistance to change

Pain is an uncomfortable sensory or emotional experience that tells you something is wrong. Pain is interpreted and perceived in the brain.


Energy is the capacity for work and motion. Change, uncertainty and complexity as we very well know consumes a massive amount of energy.


Peaks and Valleys is the level of fluctuations in the brain chemistry’s flow and electrical impulses.


Error signal is the ability of the brain to produce a signal and behaviour as a result of a conflict between actual and intended responses.

8 dimensions for managing uncertainty, engagement and wellbeing

The model enables people to more easily recognise and potentially modify the way we approach each of the four domains while dealing with change. The intention of PEPE© neuroscience is to provide a systematically brain friendly approach in a very pragmatic and simple way to support engagement, motivation and wellbeing during changing times.

Labelling and understanding these drivers raise conscious awareness to otherwise non-conscious process. Interventions can be made in a very practical way by stakeholders and leaders of the organisation by creating habits that support each of the 8 dimensions depending on what is needed to support the change.

It is possible for people to learn and create habits and a series of structured practical activities and actions following the 8 dimensions of PEPE© neuroscience to approach change management with the brain in mind.

Tibisay Vera is an international recognised leader and neuroscientist specialising in change management and wellbeing, who has trained, coach and advised hundreds of leaders, consultants and organisations.

The Author
Tibisay Vera creator of PEPE© model and Neuroscience for change
Applied Neuroscience for change and transformation

A business transformation approach of managing adaptation to change

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PEPE© is the world’s first neuroscience-based solution focused to facilitate the adaptation to change.

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