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PEPE© Model provides a strategic solution for facilitating change and positive adaptation to change through brain science

Neuroscience for Change. Groundbreaking neuroscience-backed solution to thrive through change.

PEPE© model was created by Neuroscientist Tibisay Vera after studying the adaptation to change patterns of hundreds of leaders and organisations.


The benefits of the PEPE© Model


Latest research in neuroscience supports the idea that resilience is the ability to bounce “forward” during times of change and adversity instead of the traditional view of resilience of bouncing “back” from adversity, offering the possibility of growth. PEPE© model offers a framework for building active resilience and thrive during change


Is the vigor of an emotional connection that the individual feels which strengthen commitment, effort and willingness to help out. The 8 dimensions of PEPE© model provides a strategic, humanistic and science-backed approach to change.


It has become an emergent contributor to facilitate change at individual and organisational level. Every day neuroscience research provides us with more insights about how we can balance wellbeing from the pressures of constant change. PEPE© model provides practical strategies and tips to increase wellbeing during times of change.

Facilitating Change Management

The Modern Change Management Approach

Neuroscience for change

The PEPE© Model

Framework and methodology

A powerful and proven model based on neuroscientific research of why the brain will always first resist to change. It approaches the challenges of individual change from 4 different domains and it offers simple and practical strategic solutions based on 8 dimensions about how to approach uncertainty, complexity and constant change with the brain in mind in order to facilitate change and positively adapt to it.

PEPE© model provides a solution to individuals and organisations to manage and cope with high volume of change and challenging situations by building resilience, engagement and wellbeing. It provides simple, practical but powerful strategies and tools to avoid demotivation, withdraw, cynicism and chronic stress during times of change.


A Proven Framework for Individual Change


Pain is an uncomfortable sensory or emotional experience that tells you something is wrong. Pain is interpreted and perceived in the brain.


Energy is the capacity for work and motion. Change, uncertainty and complexity as we very well know consumes a massive amount of energy.


Peaks and Valleys is the level of fluctuations in the brain chemistry’s flow and electrical impulses. Constant change and uncertainty challenge those fluctuations.


Error is the ability of the brain to produce a signal and behaviour as a result of a conflict between actual and intended responses. Change increase the conflict between expectations and actual results.

PEPE© is the world’s first neuroscience-based solution focused to facilitate change and positive adaptation to change.

PEPE© model summarises neuroscientific discoveries that have substantially furthered the scientific understanding of behaviour change, adaptation and resilience and it does provide a brain-based framework to approach and manage change, engagement and wellbeing in a very practical way.


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