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Meet Tibisay

Tibisay is the author of PEPE© model and the founder of Sparkling Performance, a neuroscience-based training and consulting solutions firm. She created PEPE© model after having completed a Master in Clinical Neuroscience and having studied the patterns of hundreds of leaders and organisations in the process of adaptation to change.

She also holds an MBA and a Master Certificate in Neuro-Economics.

Tibisay has trained more than 500 managers and executives in latest applications and research of brain science and has more than 3,000 hours of coaching experience.

Before founding Sparkling Performance, Tibisay worked in change management programs and transformations over 20 years, holding senior management positions in corporate finance, organisational change and leadership development within leading organisations and big 4’s consulting firms. 

The PEPE© Model


Pain is an uncomfortable sensory or emotional experience that tells you something is wrong. Pain is interpreted and perceived in the brain.


Energy is the capacity for work and motion. Change, uncertainty and complexity as we very well know consumes a massive amount of energy.


Peaks and Valleys is the level of fluctuations in the brain chemistry’s flow and electrical impulses.


Error signal is the ability of the brain to produce a signal and behaviour as a result of a conflict between actual and intended responses.

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PEPE© is the world’s first neuroscience-based solution focused to facilitate the adaptation to change.

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